Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

Lawn Maintenance, Planting and Cleanup
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Landscape Design

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Landscaping and Masonry Designs
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Landscaping and Lawn Care Services

Lawn Maintenace and Lawn Care

With busy work schedules, families and hectic social lives, setting aside the time time for landscaping and lawn maintenance can be a real burden. At Santarella Landscpaing, we help you save your time for what is really important with both our weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing service. ...and we do not stop at lawn mowing, at Santarella we not only mow your lawn, we also weed and trim the edges of your property to keep it looking healthy and immaculate. As the seasons change, we offer fall yard cleanups and spring cleanups to tidy up your property and rid it of unwanted leaves, branches, and weather damage.


Since your property is the first thing people see, we want to help you make a good impression. Using over a decade of landcsaping experience, our landscaper designers think INSIDE and OUTSIDE the box. First, we evaluate your property. After the evaluation, we create a landscaping design to match your vision. Typically, our landscpae designers include planting (shrubs and trees), soding and landscape reconstruction.

>Landscape Design

Landscape Design



Weekly Lawn Care Services

Weekly Lawn Care Service

Spring & Summer Yard Cleanups

Spring & Summer Yard Cleanups


Mason Reviews

"When we moved to Springfield in 2002, we hired Sanatarella Landscapers. The quality and reliablility of their work is top notch! In fact, they now service most of our street. We highly recommend Santarella!"
- Louis Vasilow, Landscpaing and Weekly Lawn Care Services, Springfield, NJ

The Neighborhood Landscaper

Planting, pruning, and mulching will visually enhance the appearance of your home, adding a touch of charm and allure. Planting surrounding patios, walkways, and outside nooks create a comfortable and warm environment. Additionally, more complex planting can be used to create a secluded space. Pruning, including the shaping and reshaping of trees, gives your yard a polished look. Mulching not only increases health of your trees, but adds to the crisp, well-kept allure. Our other landscaping services include:

Are you saying, "I need a landscaper near me?", look no further than Santarella Landscaping.

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