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Pictured: Retaining Wall Installation, Millburn, NJ (2015)

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Why Santarella Pavers Don't Sink or Shift

Patio Paver Installation, Scotch Plains, NJ 2015

Mountainside Masonry Artistry

For the past ten years, Santarella Masonry and Landscaping has been creating beautiful outdoor spaces for the residents and business owners of Mountainside. With an eye for old world craftsmanship, Carmine's customized masonry is the perfect compliment to the timeless style of homes and buildings in the area. Masonry services include everything from steps and walkways to patios and decks.

By also incorporating landscape design, you can further enhance your property and add another dimension to your living space. Between hectic work weeks and Mountainside's diverse weather patterns, keeping up with your property can be a hassle. Santarella offers weekly/bi-weekly maintenance services to keep your property looking polished year round. Whether you're looking to start from scratch or enhance an existing space, Carmine will work with you to transform your vision into a reality.

History in Mountainside

Santarella Masonry has been enhancing and adding value and beauty to the properties in the Mountainside area for over 10 years. Mountainside homeowners have placed their faith in our company's reputation for modernizing outdoor projects with old world craftsmanship. Our projects including patios, steps, driveways, and outdoor fireplaces. We have brought many Mountainside properties back to life. From a masonry restoration on Central Avenue to a paver patio and walkway on Longview Drive to new front steps on wood Valley road, our work is on display everywhere. Plus, our landscaping design services and lawn maintenance services have improved the appearance of homes along Poplar Avenue and New Providence Road.


Mountainside Masonry Mountainside, NJ 07092

I recently had my front sidewalk and back yard patio replaced with pavers and travertines. Carmine and his crew did an amazing job. I picked Carmine over the other contractors because of his straight forward approach and masonry knowledge. The outcome is so impressive, my neighbors along the street stop-by to ask for the contractor's phone number.

-The Filipones,
Paver Patio and Sidewalk Installation
Mountainside, NJ 07092

You can view our masonry projects throughout Mountainside:

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Carmine's team will visit your home and evaluate both your property and vision. The masonry designers and masons at Santarella will then collaborate to create the optimal solution for your individual needs and tastes. If your Mountainside' property is in need of either masonry or landscaping services, give Carmine a call today on 908-447-3422 or email.