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Pictured: Sidewalk, Walkway, Fireplace and Landscaping Services, Short Hills, NJ (2015)

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Why Santarella Pavers Don't Sink or Shift

Patio Paver Installation, Scotch Plains, NJ 2015

Short Hills Masonry Artistry

Years of passion and experience in constructing beautiful masonry projects has given us a reputation as Short Hills best mason. At Santarella Landscaping and Masonry, we strive to customize our masonry work to your individual tastes and needs. Our masonry construction caters to your property's existing qualities, while seeking to improve upon them. From patios and outdoor steps to walkways and fire pits, we have made it our mission to modernize with old world charm. Our landscaping services, ranging from pruning and sodding to weekly maintenance, are the perfect way to finish off your Short Hills property.

History in Short Hills

With over 50 masonry projects completed in Short Hills alone, Santarella Masonry has proudly served Short Hills for over ten years. Carmine Santarella's eye for detail and appreciation for old world craftsmanship is the perfect complement to homes located throughout this captivating town. Exhibits of our landscaping and masonry work can be seen along Short Hills' most residential and trafficked roads, including Great Hills Road and Hartshorn Drive. Our patios, walkways, and outdoor steps line the most commonly traveled streets. Additional showcases of our masonry restoration and masonry repair can be seen throughout Long Hill Drive, Westview Road, and Mohawk Road.


Short Hills Masonry Short Hills, NJ 07078

My husband and I were in the market for a paver mason when we met Carmine. He really took the time to analyze our property and designed a paver patio and walkway that blended seamlessly with the existing elements of our home. We highly recommend Carmine!

-The Johnsons
Paver Patio Installation
Short Hills, NJ 07078

You can view our masonry projects throughout Short Hills:

Short Hills Mason

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Carmine's team will visit your home and evaluate both your property and vision. The masonry designers and masons at Santarella will then collaborate to create the optimal solution for your individual needs and tastes. If your Short Hills' property is in need of either masonry or landscaping services, give Carmine a call today on 908-447-3422 or email.